Biomedsearch home advanced search tools search tutorial login | create free account document detail   collagenous colitis and collagenous gastritis in a 9 year old girl: a case report and review of the literature. Medline citation: pmid:â  22103057 â â â  owner:â  nlm â â â  status:â  in-process â â â  abstract/otherabstract: collagenous gastritis is a rare disease in the general population and collagenous colitis has seldom been reported in children. buy viagra online in the united states We report a girl with both diseases and review the literature on this association afetr a systematic search of pubmed, medline and embase databases.. viagra soft tabs fake The girl, diagnosed of collagenous colitis at the age of 2 years, started with abdominal pain and anaemia at the age of 9 years and was diagnosed of collagenous gastritis in the gastric biopsies. viagra first time user After review of the literature, we found 66 reported cases (33 children, 33 adults, 68% females), 56 patients with collagenous gastritis and 16 children with collagenous colitis. Viagra kaufen apotheke Both disorders coexisted in 20 patients. buy generic viagra online cheap The main presenting symptoms are abdominal pain and anaemia in patients with collagenous gastritis and diarrhoea and weight loss in patients with both disorders. viagra 50 vs 100 mg Hypoalbuminemia was found in 9 patients with both diseases and protein losing enteropathy was demonstrated in 3 cases. viagra first time user Deposits of collagen in the duodenum were observed in 13 of 19 patients with both diseases. viagra cheap online Seventeen of 66 patients had associated autoimmune disorders, particularly in patients with both diseases (35%). buy generic viagra online usa pharmacy These conditions have a chronic course but gastric or colonic malignancies have not been communicated to date. In conclusion, collagenous gastritis and collagenous colitis mainly affects women and can occur at any age. Their association is exceptional. desi viagra price delhi These disorders, although rare, should be considered in patients with anaemia and epigastric pain, watery diarrhoea or protein losing enteropathy. 400 mg viagra Authors: c camarero salces; p enes romero; c redondo; j m rizo pascual; g roy ariã±o related documents : 7614537â -â coronary angiographic morphology of congenital coronary arteriovenous fistulas in adult... viagra first time user 6410967â -â management of benign fistulae between zenker's diverticulum and the trachea. Walmart brand viagra 9815357â -â cyclosporidia: a general review. buy generic viagra 9356077â -â aortoventricular fistula secondary to blunt trauma: a case report and review of the lit... where can i buy viagra online yahoo answers 20828527â -â respiratory complications from nasal packing: systematic review. buy cheap viagra canada 16001597â -â pathogenesis and management of a late manifestation of vivax malaria after deployment t... buy viagra from canada Publication detail: type:â  journal article â â â  journal detail: title:â  acta gastro-enterologica belgica â â â  volume:â  74 â â â  issn:â  0001-5644 â â â  iso abbreviation:â  acta gastroenterol. is buying generic viagra online illegal Belg. viagra for sale vancouver â â â  publication date:â  2011â sepâ  date detail: created date:â  2011-11-22 â â â  completed date:â  - â â â  revised date:â  - â â â  medline journal info: nlm unique id:â  04. viagra for sale online cheap buy viagra online canada no prescription HOME | ABOUT US | CONTACT


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