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Direcway Ku-band

Telesat Ka-band

There are options to being just outside of the wired broadband Internet

Satellite and Wireless Internet Service Provider for connecting your location to Broadband Internet.

When you use Satellite or Wireless technology you get high speed access regardless of geographical location.

Internet and Network Solutions: Voice over Internet, Fax over Internet, Voice over WIFI.  Workgroup email and collaboration.  Internet security, Antivirus and spy-ware solutions.  Workgroup Access Server, Printer sharing, AccPac and Simply Accounting Integration.

Secure Remote Administration for Local Area Network:
Windows, Mac and Linux: DNS, DHCP, Proxy, File Replication, Windows Terminal Server

 Networks: Wired, Wireless and Satellite.


Telesat Ka-band Satellite

Telesatís new satellite is the first in the world to commercialize the Ka-band frequency, a breakthrough communications technology for delivering cost-effective, two-way broadband services.



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