Internet Services   
Once you have a Broadband Internet connection you can take advantage of Internet Services.

VoIP: Voice over Internet Protocol.
If you have a Satellite Internet connection you can connect a standard telephone and start making calls over the Internet.  If you have Cable or Wired Internet you wont even realize you are not on the Public phone network.

FoIP: Fax over Internet Protocol.
This is email based faxing, email your documents directly to a fax number instead of printing and faxing documents. Incoming documents are delivered directly to your inbox.  You decide what to print and what to electronically file.

email:  electronic mail.
Stay connected with electronic mail, all the features you need in email accounts.  Includes web based email, check your mail account from any Internet connected computer. Then store the emails in your mail program when you connect with your computer. 

Web Hosting: We can register your own Domain.
Setup your own personal or business domain various extensions available like .com
basic package includes managed, matching email accounts.

Collaboration Site: Online productivity tool.
CommunityZero™ is an interactive website that allows a group of people to communicate and exchange information over the Internet in their own private and secure area. Within each area, called an online community, participants are provided access to a suite of powerful tools that enable a group to effectively get organized, share knowledge and communicate.

IT4U will assist you with these online services and more.  Contact us for providing your Information Technology services.





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