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Network Building's with line of site Wireless Technology.  Distance isn't an issue.  If you can see it with binoculars we can connect the location with outdoor Wireless Technology.


Wireless Hotspot Controller

D-Link, the worldwide leader in innovative networking products, now provides a simple and cost-effective way for any business to create a wired or wireless hot spot. The new D-Link DSA-3100 Public/Private Hot Spot Gateway is an Ethernet-based gateway specifically designed to provide free or fee-based broadband connection to the public or to a company’s employees while at the same time, providing a separate and secure private network that shares the same Internet connection.

The DSA-3100 is a Network Access Control System (NACS) that intelligently manages Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) for all wired and wireless network users. The gateway manages up to 250 user accounts in its internal database and supports at least 50 users on-line at any time. The DSA-3100 also supports POP3, RADIUS, and LDAP external authentication for larger-scale hot spot networks. Other features IP plug and play, user bandwidth control, network policy enforcement, customizable user timer, login/logout web-page, online traffic monitoring, and URL redirection provide a number of different ways for your company to configure and manage your hot spot as either as a free or revenue-generating service.


 Wireless Internet

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